Rambling on Kuwaiti Sandstorms

  [author’s note: from our time on deployment.] June 20, 2010 You know, sandstorms aren’t as clean and neat as they look on television. Picture Moses, aka Charlton Heston, in The Ten Commandments; sure, he didn’t look so good but the sand looked pure and drifted into beautiful dunes. Our first two days here at […]

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Ramblings on Liturgy (II)

If you want to do good liturgy, listen to your mother. If your mother has passed into Jesus’ hands, run the tape of mom in your head during the Eucharist. Here’s what I mean, whenever I celebrate the Mass and start to get ahead of myself in words and/or gestures, mom speaks in my brain […]

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Rambling on Pentecost

[author’s note: from our time of preparation and deployment to Iraq.]   May 23 , 2010 Pentecost This last week I got a haircut. Those who saw me before I left probably think that I didn’t need a haircut but believe me in the Army short hair is happiness. My hair was almost up to […]

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