Rambling on Easter Faith and Cupid

The greatest lover of the modern era has passed beyond our sight, or so his obituary intimates.  In a local newspaper this morning ran the details of a man’s life and somewhat early demise (early 60s).  The paper describes the gentleman “marrying his sweetheart from high school a few years after graduation.”  It goes on […]

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Rambling on Need vs. Want

[author’s note: this was written during my preparation for deployment to Iraq.]   May 2, 2010 You would think packing for the military would be easy. After all, what do you need–a shaving kit, some underwear, a uniform and your boots? But it’s not like the old days. There’s an A bag (a monster back […]

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A Rambling on Helpless Priests

[author’s note: from my time of preparation and  deployment to Iraq.]   April 18, 2010 A lot of priests are helpless. That’s right and I’m glad it’s now out in the open; most priests have major trouble in doing the simple things of life without help. Let’s take for example the three priests who live […]

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Ramblings for Palm Sunday

[authors note: From my time of preparation and deployment to Iraq with the Army.]   March 28, 2010 Palm Sunday As I’m writing this my unit is receiving training in the M9 weapon. This is military speak for the 9mm automatic handgun. Three of us are chaplains and we are forbidden from touching weapons by […]

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Ramblings on the Liturgy (I)

[author’s note: to be read only by depressed liturgists (sorry for the redundancy)]   OK, let’s go over some rules of liturgy they don’t teach you in the seminary. Unfortunately you may have to unlearn some of the wonderful hints of holiness seminary liturgists are so fond of, for instance “never leave the sanctuary during […]

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