Rambling on Being in Charge

[author’s note: From our deployment to Iraq.] October 3, 2010 For some “being in charge” is a goal, for others it is a prison sentence. I’m one of the later. Sure, you may have thought I was in charge of the Cathedral, but as any former Rector of our Church will tell you, the Rector […]

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Rambling on Dentists and Iraq

[author’s note: From our deployment to Iraq.] September 19, 2010 One of the disadvantages of moving being overly mobile in Iraq is that I never use the same computer for long. Consequently there is some Rector’s Ramblings material that I’m not sure if I’ve written about before. This is one of those times, but as […]

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Ramblings on a Titanium Spork

[author’s note: From our time on deployment in Iraq.]   September 12, 2010 First, I thank all who have been sending me letters and packages. It has been busy the past few weeks due to me replacing a priest in Baghdad who is gone temporarily. Consequently the number of Masses that I have on a […]

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Rambling on Temptation

[author’s note: from the time of our deployment to Iraq.]   September 5, 2010 I’m not good with resisting temptation. On a recent Sunday in Iraq I went to a small room near our headquarters early in the morning to offer Mass for anyone from the night shift that wished to go. As I walked […]

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Rambling on Iraqi Palaces

[author’s note: from our deployment in Iraq.]   August 22, 2010 I just spent a week in Baghdad, Iraq, former home to a despotic, homicidal and now dead dictator. The first thing you notice are the palaces—large, ornate, sprawling structures of stone and marble. There is no other word than magnificent when you first see […]

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