Rambling on Kuwaiti Sandstorms

  [author’s note: from our time on deployment.] June 20, 2010 You know, sandstorms aren’t as clean and neat as they look on television. Picture Moses, aka Charlton Heston, in The Ten Commandments; sure, he didn’t look so good but the sand looked pure and drifted into beautiful dunes. Our first two days here at […]

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Rambling on Pentecost

[author’s note: from our time of preparation and deployment to Iraq.]   May 23 , 2010 Pentecost This last week I got a haircut. Those who saw me before I left probably think that I didn’t need a haircut but believe me in the Army short hair is happiness. My hair was almost up to […]

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Rambling on Need vs. Want

[author’s note: this was written during my preparation for deployment to Iraq.]   May 2, 2010 You would think packing for the military would be easy. After all, what do you need–a shaving kit, some underwear, a uniform and your boots? But it’s not like the old days. There’s an A bag (a monster back […]

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