Rambling on Iraqi Palaces

[author’s note: from our deployment in Iraq.]   August 22, 2010 I just spent a week in Baghdad, Iraq, former home to a despotic, homicidal and now dead dictator. The first thing you notice are the palaces—large, ornate, sprawling structures of stone and marble. There is no other word than magnificent when you first see […]

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Rambling on Hindu gods

[author’s note: From our deployment to Iraq.]   July 25, 2010 Last week one of our Chaplain Assistants, a young married Sergeant, had a brief crisis of conscience. Let me first say that he is Baptist. The more knowledgeable among you will say what kind of Baptist? To tell the truth, I’m not sure. The […]

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Rambling on the Unusual

[author’s note: From our deployment to Iraq.] July 11, 2010 Unusual things happen at Cathedral. I’m not saying this to insult or compliment anyone; it is a fact that every priest in the diocese knows—unusual things happen at Cathedral. A few examples? Sure. There was the time two years ago I came back to the […]

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