Rambling on Hindu gods

[author’s note: From our deployment to Iraq.]   July 25, 2010 Last week one of our Chaplain Assistants, a young married Sergeant, had a brief crisis of conscience. Let me first say that he is Baptist. The more knowledgeable among you will say what kind of Baptist? To tell the truth, I’m not sure. The […]

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Rambling on the Unusual

[author’s note: From our deployment to Iraq.] July 11, 2010 Unusual things happen at Cathedral. I’m not saying this to insult or compliment anyone; it is a fact that every priest in the diocese knows—unusual things happen at Cathedral. A few examples? Sure. There was the time two years ago I came back to the […]

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Rambling on Kuwaiti Sandstorms

  [author’s note: from our time on deployment.] June 20, 2010 You know, sandstorms aren’t as clean and neat as they look on television. Picture Moses, aka Charlton Heston, in The Ten Commandments; sure, he didn’t look so good but the sand looked pure and drifted into beautiful dunes. Our first two days here at […]

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Rambling on Pentecost

[author’s note: from our time of preparation and deployment to Iraq.]   May 23 , 2010 Pentecost This last week I got a haircut. Those who saw me before I left probably think that I didn’t need a haircut but believe me in the Army short hair is happiness. My hair was almost up to […]

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Rambling on Need vs. Want

[author’s note: this was written during my preparation for deployment to Iraq.]   May 2, 2010 You would think packing for the military would be easy. After all, what do you need–a shaving kit, some underwear, a uniform and your boots? But it’s not like the old days. There’s an A bag (a monster back […]

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