Ramblings on Liturgy (II)

If you want to do good liturgy, listen to your mother. If your mother has passed into Jesus’ hands, run the tape of mom in your head during the Eucharist. Here’s what I mean, whenever I celebrate the Mass and start to get ahead of myself in words and/or gestures, mom speaks in my brain […]

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A Rambling on Helpless Priests

[author’s note: from my time of preparation and  deployment to Iraq.]   April 18, 2010 A lot of priests are helpless. That’s right and I’m glad it’s now out in the open; most priests have major trouble in doing the simple things of life without help. Let’s take for example the three priests who live […]

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Ramblings on the Liturgy (I)

[author’s note: to be read only by depressed liturgists (sorry for the redundancy)]   OK, let’s go over some rules of liturgy they don’t teach you in the seminary. Unfortunately you may have to unlearn some of the wonderful hints of holiness seminary liturgists are so fond of, for instance “never leave the sanctuary during […]

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Ramblings on People vs. Places

What’s more important to you, people or places? Before you answer recall the development of the neutron bomb some years ago that promised the advantage of exploding and killing all people in the area but sparing the buildings and other assorted infrastructure. There’s a pragmatic solution to population control and conservation of resources. In a […]

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