Rambling on Purgatory

A last digression; this is only one of the theological explanations for the next life. Some would say that the Congregation for the Condemnation of Bad People (CCBP) did exist in the form of the Inquisition, however the historical facts are different from the popular notion of this entity (“No one escapes the Spanish Inquisition… says Monty Python). If there were an actual CCBP what terms would they use instead of Venerable, Blesses and Saint? Bad, Evil and Damned? “Mom, the Vatican just declared Uncle Rick Bad.” “OK dear, we will pray for the two catastrophes required for Evil and Damned status.”

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Rambling on Birthing a Gay Bishop

[WARNING: Very little humor here] “Silence is not a virtue when charity calls for speech.” (St. Poemen, c. 400) Besides a provocative title, let’s set some ground rules: 1) celibacy is celibacy; whether gay or straight is a moot point.  2) Celibacy is much more than not being married, to state otherwise neglects our theology […]

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